Welcome to Ubequitas

Siddhic Group Limited has built Ubequitas Intelligence (UI) Platform using Artificial Intelligence and Machine
Learning Technologies. The platform can analyse both structured and unstructured data.
The platform can navigate through Systems, Documents, APIs to create metadata and blueprints swiftly.

A robust knowledge base is crucial for
smooth running of organizations. It helps immensely in

  1. Improving Ways of Working,
  2. Leverage legacy systems for Digital Innovation,
  3. Effective Data Management,
  4. Efficient Data Governance,
  5. Improving Data Insights,
  6. Meeting Regulatory Requirements,
  7. Data Quality Improvements,
  8. Data Migration Programs,
  9. Data Profiling Activities, 
  10. Data Remediation Activities,
  11. Streamlining the Systems and Data Ecosystem,
  12. Connecting Business and Data Functions,
  13. Cloud Implementations and other innovative initiatives.

Traditional practices to create a knowledge base require;

  • Large teams of architects and analysts,
  • Significant budgets,
  • Time to set up large teams.

Traditional practices also have limitations;

  • Manual efforts are time consuming and the artefacts are seldom consistent.
  • Geographically disparate teams take a long time to understand data and business correctly.
  • Disconnect between data and business functions as resources are lumbered with manual activities.
    The UI platform aims to alleviate all issues faced by traditional architectural functions.

“This platform will create and retain key Business and Data IP within the organization in a consistent manner and facilitate controlled knowledge share with a smaller team.”

The UI platform can produce meaningful artifacts swiftly and consistently, creating a knowledge base which is
both transparent and easy to understand.

The UI platform will ensure that teams are freed from time-consuming manual activities.
The platform facilitates creation of a common data language for all stakeholders allowing the teams to work in
a cohesive manner. Reduction of manual efforts will streamline activities and increase the teams ability to
focus on value additions to the organization.

The UI platform will ensure that data matures to Information, information to knowledge and ultimately
knowledge transform to wisdom. As the platform matures, the quality of outputs will improve which could be
very beneficial to organizations.

This platform will be extremely useful for Banks, Insurance companies, NHS, Global Organizations with
presence in many countries. Other organizations that could benefit from this platform are DVLA, HMRC,
HMPO, Home Office, Schools, Universities etc., all of whom deal with multiple Data Sources.

The platform would be useful to most medium sized organizations who deal with multiple data sources for
information gathering.

Our Founders

Karthic Wood

Karthic Wood has worked as Investment Analyst in India and has over 20 years experience in UK specialising in Data and Business Architecture. She has successfully delivered solutions for organisations like Hewlett Packard, McDonald’s, MCI Worldcom, Fidelity Investments, Aviva Investors,
ODPM, UK Home Office, RBS and Thomson Travels to name a few.

She is a passionate data professional and aims to use Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning to improve data understanding in organisations with the
Ubequitas Intelligence Platform.

She is working on creating other products to support organisations in the
everchanging environment. She mentors and trains data professionals.

She has an Executive MBA from Harvard Business School and holds an MBA
Specialising in Finance.

Outside her professional pursuits Karthic is passionate about Mindfulness,
Spirituality, Yoga, Writing, Cooking, Dancing, Walking and Travelling.

Neri Van Otten

Neri Van Otten holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science Engineering from Ghent University Belgium where she wrote her thesis on Optimising Energy Usage in Electrical Vehicles by training Online Personalised Deep Neural Networks.

She is an experienced Data Scientist and has worked with Start-ups, Hedge Funds and provided consultancy to numerous companies.

She focuses on optimising/scaling Machine Learning Systems to utilise data in real-time, researching Deep Learning Solutions and building NLP (Natural Language Processing) applications.

She has been running Spot Intelligence for a few years and mentors aspiring Data Scientists.
She is passionate about diversity, education and regularly teaches Machine Learning. To help both data scientists who are getting started in the field and executives embarking on their first data science projects.

She has authored the book “Designing and Building Data Science Solutions”. This is an extensive non-technical guide containing two practical frameworks which de-risk projects and provides them a better chance for success.